Charity Coin due to Canceled Order

Charity Coin due to Canceled Order

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Once upon a time a little angry elf ordered a coin. Well, since we sometimes suck, we sent out the coins not realizing that there was a malfunction with the mold. Our bad. When the angry elf contacted us and we realized our mistake, we immediately started a new batch with the problem corrected. Well the angry elf got even more angry when he claimed the coin was not silver (you can clearly see it is). Angry elf was berating our employees and posting false negative information about us on social media. So, Boomer told the angry elf to go pound sand. We canceled his order and refunded his money. Now, these coins are available for only $10. All proceeds will be put towards our partnership with Patches for Peds, a great charity for children. We are sure the actions of this angry elf do not reflect the reputation of the department. Just one possible bad apple. Thanks for supporting a good cause.

This is a 1.75" solid metal coin


**A NOTE FROM JONATHAN "That coin color is silver!"