Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - Scarborough, ME

Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - Scarborough, ME

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This patch was produced in honor of my Father. My Father was a man who proudly served his country. At 18, he volunteered for the US Army and was sent to the front lines of the Vietnam War. He may have left that battlefield, but the battlefield never left him. He suffered mentally and medically due to his years of service. His medical conditions from his time in Vietnam finally caught up to him at a relatively young age several years ago. My favorite memories with him, and the times I remember him being the happiest, were the several family weekend trips we took every year heading up to Maine to go to the car races at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough. He looked forward to this every year and kept records of all of the races each year to be sure he knew who was placed where. In the grand scheme of things, these races were just a bunch of Maine locals having a good time, drunk, with beat up cars. But, I think he lived vicariously through them,  he wanted to do that, he wanted to drive fast, and never got a chance to.

I sadly learned that Beech Ridge closed down last year and was sold to a developer. It really hit me and made me think about those times. My dad always wore the typical 80's denim jacket with patches on it. This patch was always on it. If you purchase this patch, every time you look at it, just remember the little things and good memories you have with your loved ones. No one can ever redevelop that.


 3.75", 100% embroidered, iron on backing